Young African woman holding basket full of coffee cherries, coffee farm, Ethiopia, Africa. There are several species of Coffea - the coffee plant. The finest quality of Coffea being Arabica, which originated in the highlands of Ethiopia. Arabica represents almost 60% of the world’s coffee production..
coffee beans berries drying natural process on the cement ground floor, Farmer is drying coffee beans with naturally process, asian Thailand.
Dried Robusta Coffee Bean Cherry with greenhouse solar drying system. Dry with Natural Process.
African girls and women sorting coffee beans on coffee farm, Ethiopia, Africa. Little children are working under tables - they picking up every single coffee bean dropped accidentally by women and putting these dropped coffee beans back on the tables.

Maxime Motcheho

I am bi-cultural (Cameroon and France) and have a degree in Financial Engineering as well as 9 years of experience as a financial risk analyst in insurance and reinsurance groups that are recognised worldwide.

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Given my interest in projects with a social impact, I feel that coffee and pepper from Cameroon are ranked among the best products on offer in the consumer country. The closer we can get to consumers, the better we can promote these products. This would also be a big plus for local farmers who will benefit from the economic impact of this project.

Paul Simeu

Paul Simeu, who is my uncle, lives in Cameroon. As well as a solid 15 years of experience in roasting coffee for the local market, he has a direct relationship with coffee and pepper cooperatives. This means he is in complete control of the whole process, i.e. the processing and quality assurance, as well as delivery logistics.

Temp staff

For a production process that is both fast and high quality, we hire 6 to 10 employees during the coffee and pepper production periods. We always select people who live in the vicinity of the production areas for these jobs. This way, EXIM Global contributes not only to making farmers happier (with better pay), but also to major social development in terms of the local people (new jobs created).

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