Penja black pepper


Grain size: in millimetres

Quantity: 1 kilogram kraft bag

Harvest: 2022

Much like green pepper, black pepper is made from unripe drupes. Picked and dried in the sun for a few days, the water slowly evaporates from the green peppercorns. This drying phase means the green pepper loses its pigment and darkens, while wrinkles appear. This step gives it a full-bodied and spicy taste.


Growing and harvesting environment

Cultivated mainly in the commune of Penja (the Littoral region) in Cameroon, on a naturally rich and balanced volcanic soil, Penja pepper is characterized by its truly exceptional character and flavor. Harvested in the traditional way (manually), the cleaning, drying and sorting methods have remained unchanged for generations.

Traceability of black pepper

Penja pepper is the first product in sub-Saharan Africa to benefit from a protected geographical indication (PGI). That is to say products whose typicity has a link with the terroir. The PGI thus contributes to local development and particularly in difficult and disadvantaged areas.

The delimitation of the geographical area of production that covers six districts (Mbanga, Mombo, Njombépenja, Loum, Manjo, in the department of Moungo (Littoral region) and Tombel in the department of Koupé-Manégouba (Southwest region). This area covers approximately 3,000 km2.

EXIM Global works closely with the GROUPEMENT DES PRODUCTEURS DE POIVRE DE PENJA. – This association brings together all the operators of the sector, namely: *Nurserymen. *Producers *Distributors.

The association, composed of 300 farmers, works on more than 500 hectares for more than 300 tons of peppers labeled produced.

Microbiological analysis

Available under request

Pepper production step: from cutting to seed

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 31 cm





Full-bodied and spicy taste.


Organic by default: no or few industrial fertilizers or pesticides used, uncertified

Taille des grains

< 1, 1.5 – 1, 2.5 – 2, Mix

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